Fast look: Puma Coupè GTE 1600

What is more important, whether a car is fast or it looks fast? We are confident that everyone has their own answer in mind, and that this car was designed to answer those for whom the second option mattered.

In fact, when I was little and I saw the ads of these cars for sale, it seemed unreal that cars so beautiful to look at cost so little: this is because for me the aesthetics of a car was not only important, but fundamental. Of course, the price to pay implies poor finishing and not very powerful engines.

In this case the engine is a classic air-cooled four-cylinder from Volkswagen, but on the other hand this Puma, perhaps the most famous Brazilian car brand, appears to be in excellent condition: in general it is rated 3/5 for the engine, body and interior. It was imported into Italy from Brazil, and it seems that it does not need anything to be enjoyed. Find it for sale here in Vinci, Italy, with bidding at €12,000 (today $11,600) and reserve not met.


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