Body only: 1962 Apal 1200

Among the countless applications of the chassis of the Volkswagen Typ 1 (aka Beetle) there was also this: the Apal 1200, with the body strictly made of fiberglass.

Apal was a Belgian company, indeed the name is the acronym of “Application Polyester Armé de Liège” (Reinforced Polyester Application of Liege), and only 150 of these bodies were produced from 1962 to 1965: the design is very elegant and incorporates stylistic features classics of the Italian berlinettas of that period. Sure, the engine wasn’t powerful but at least it needed less frequent maintenance than a Ferrari V12.

This specimen has clearly seen better days: if the body was not made of fiberglass it would now probably be reduced to a pile of steel dust, considering that the car is in the middle of the rust belt. The car has not been driven since 1985 and apparently the auction is only about the body – this point is worth clarifying as the starting price is not low. Find it for sale here in Bellefonte, PA, with a starting bid at $20,000.


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