Tourin car: 1963 Moretti 750 Spyder

This little spider is not only one of the very few produced on the basis of the Fiat 600D, but it is also one of two presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1963, says the seller.

In support of this statement, the seller indicates the presence of a chrome molding on the nose of the car instead of a grille installed on the models of production following this car: indeed, after having consulted the literature at our disposal, we can confirm what was stated.

The only exception concerns the color: the Spyder (that’s right, the name is this) photographed in Turin was white with an interior that would appear red (although from the black and white photos it is not very clear), but it is very likely that this car is it was repainted in subsequent years. The state of the car looks good, both externally and internally, and the car looks complete. Definitely a little gem for admirers of the brand and Michelotti. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $51,500) here in Saonara, Italy.


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