2 SXY: 1969 Ferrari 400I Speciale “GTO”

Before any comment, let’s see this car in summary:

Chassis: Ferrari 400i tube frame, shortened, stiffened
Chassis number: F101CL23457
Bodywork: All-alloy hand made 250 GTO, 4-in wider arches
Engine: 2002 5748cc Ferrari 575 Maranello V12
Power: 601bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 451lb ft @ 7000rpm
Top Speed: 205mph
Transmission: 6-speed manual Ferrari 575M transaxle
Suspension: Solid bush Ferrari 365 GT4 with splined hubs
Color: Yellow Fly

It soon becomes clear that, apart from the outward appearance, there is very little of a 250 GTO but, after all, what pleases the most about the GTO is its body. If we combine this body with a “modern” Ferrari chassis and an even more modern Ferrari V12 capable of a power of 600 hp, what comes out is a real performance (and sound) monster.

This car was born years ago from a dream of Will Tomkins (co-owner of http://www.project-heaven.com) and initially equipped with a v12 taken from a 365 GT4 (we did not understand if a 2 + 2 ), after which the engine and gearbox were replaced with those of a 575: the engine received a reinforcing care through new throttle bodies and new exhausts that brought its power from 480 to 600 hp: not bad on a car that will weigh little more than a ton. Find it for sale at £655,000 (today $885,000) here in Northampton, UK.


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