Chocolate mint: 1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupé

There are several 356s on sale right now, yet this one struck us for two very specific reasons.

The first reason is the combination of colors: you may like it or not but you will rarely see another Porsche 356 (of any series) painted in Togo Brown with a green interior; this combo color is the one indicated by the certificate of identity of this car, so we can be quite certain that this is the combination chosen by the first owner. The second reason is very personal: I drove this car ten years ago.

It was not mine but a friend of mine who had been with it for over twenty years. I myself requested the certificate visible in the photos and I was amazed when I saw what the color scheme was indicated, since ten years ago this car was silver with black interior: a big difference, no doubt about it. However, even ten years ago this was a solid, dry car and it was in not bad condition, it already had “deep dish” rims even though the engine was not original but replaced at the factory. It has since been restored and, perhaps because I am emotionally involved, it looks gorgeous to me. Find it for sale at €108,000 (today $123,000) here in Treviso, Italy.


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