Postal service: 1950 Tatra T87

Perhaps in 1950 this car already looked out of date, but it certainly wasn’t 14 years before, when it went into production.

Actually we deliberately used the verb “look” because even in 1950, this car was not technically inferior to brands like Mercedes and is, still today, more aerodynamic than a Lamborghini Countach. The masterpiece of this car is the rear engine, an eight-cylinder av of 2.9 liters of displacement (in the case of this example the engine should be a more recent 2.5 liters) with an overhead camshaft, air-cooled, which produced 85. hp.

Not many are 85 horsepower therefore, but thanks to its aerodynamic profile this car reached 160 km / h (100 mph) and let’s not forget it: we are talking about the year 1936. In fact, it is said that Ferdinand Porsche himself was heavily influenced. from the architecture of the Tatra. This specimen is located on the other side of the world and is said to be the former car of the Czech Postal Ministerium and to have had three owners in total. Too bad for the lack of photos, this car would have deserved more and better quality. Find it for sale at €175,000 (today $199,000) here in Auckland, New Zealand.


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