Spotted cabriolet: 1951 Siata Amica

Here is a small convertible that will certainly not make you feel the thrill of speed but it will still make anyone’s head turn when you drive it on the street.

We have published others in the past: some in very good condition, some so-so, others still in desperate condition, however they are small cars, basic in their set-up and operation, and are therefore relatively easy to restore: the term “relatively” is not, however, used casually.

In fact, the difficulties in the restoration of these cars lie not so much in the bodywork or in the mechanical part, substantially the same as the Fiat 500B, but in those details especially of the passenger compartment which, if not present, are extremely rare, difficult to find and consequently also expensive. . If you are missing a few knobs you will not only find yourself forced to long online searches but also to frequent swap meets and find the diamond underground. Same thing goes for the bumpers that here, as often happens, we do not see. Find it for sale here in Ancona, Italy. The asking price hasn’t been disclosed.


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