White glove: 1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider by Pininfarina

If we were to estimate the cost of a car based on how many dollars per horsepower it takes to buy it, the Aurelia B24S Spider would be one of the most expensive in the world, however it probably wouldn’t even be in the top ten.

And this is good news for anyone who has the financial capacity to get their hands on one of the most beautiful spiders ever built, to be precise on one of the 250 built from December ’54 to October ’55 called B24S where the “S” is for “Sinistra” (left in Italian) and not “Spider” as many believe. Inded in those years, most of the Lancia production had right-hand drive, but for this model they changed mainly to satisfy the American market.

The car is still equipped with the black plate although it is not the first plate: this dates back to 1967 but still makes a good impression on this car which, according to the seller, has been restored by the Serattini body shop in bologna: perhaps you never have one. heard of it but the experts know it well for the excellent quality of the work they carry out. The interiors have been restored by Luppi upholstery and the mechanics by the Sauro workshop in Bologna, all top names in their field. It is a very nice, very rare and obviously very expensive car: find it for sale at €790,000 (today $890,000) here in Parma, Italy.


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