Sunken boat: 1967 Amphicar Model 770

Actually this Amphicar has never literally sunk, but she would not hesitate to do so if it were put into the water as it is now.

Obviously most of the cars that are 50 years old or more suffer from rust problems, but we are talking about “regular” cars, certainly not vehicles halfway between a boat and a car: this Amphicar was certainly also used as a boat. as evidenced by the nautical registration numbers on the front fenders.

The Triumph engine installed in these models is perhaps the easiest and cheapest part to restore: here the real challenge is to repair the bodywork and all the functional components for navigation; in fact, to restore these cars a “common” coachbuilder or eccanico is not enough, however good they are, here you need specialists and consequently a high budget. Find it for sale at $20,000 here in Watertown, MI.


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