Ant’s life: 1967 Siata 600D Formichetta

“Formichetta” (little ant) ​​is the name of this model, a small commercial van built by the Spanish Siata under Fiat license.

Once again, therefore, we find ourselves in front of a vehicle that we did not know existed: not that we are sorry, on the contrary, we like to be amazed. And this little van surprises us all right, also because there are probably a handful left around. The seller explains the highlights of this car: It was purchased by an American military stationed at the American Naval Base of Rota, Cadiz, and surely he took the vehicle with him on his return home.

With extreme probability this is the only “Formichetta” on American territory, it would really surprise us to know of another identical car in the USA, but everything can be possible in this world. The car is clearly to be completely restored but, given the simplicity of construction and the ease of finding the mechanical parts in common with the Fiat 600D, it could be a fun and not too expensive hobby. Find it for sale at $3,500 here in Wolfeboro Falls, MA.


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