Camping cool: 1958 OM CL 51 4×4 Camper

How cool is this vehicle? Yes, we know that certainly not everyone will like it, yet it deserves to be published.

It deserves it for three basic reasons: first of all it’s a very rare vehicle, we have never seen one for sale (and we can assure you that in almost ten years we have browsed tens of thousands of classifieds from all over the world). Then, it has a short wheelbase and is 4×4: this means that no terrain is prohibited. Last but not least, it is already set up internally as a camper.

The interior decor is not 60 years old: it was probably done about twenty years ago by a hippy who certainly had a lot of creativity (probably driven by a low budget) but it seems that now he suffers a bit of old age. The engine runs but the bodywork needs serious work, however we think the result of a restoration would be remarkable. Find it for sale at €4,000 (today $4,500) here in Castelraimondo, Italy.


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