Mobile advertiser: 1963 Fiat 600 Multipla “Abarth”

If you are looking for a car to capture everyone’s attention, forget about Ferrari or Lamborghini, this is the car for you at a cost, among other things, much lower than the previous ones.

In fact, the Multipla is in itself a car with a more unique than particular design; it attracts the attention everywhere and we can therefore imagine the leading role in any context thanks to the “Abarth Assistance” livery which includes, in addition to the paint job, also a set of spare wheels mounted on the roof.

This Multipla still has its original black plates and it seems that the current set-up is not a simple “quote” but the restoration of what was actually a car owned by the Abarth racing department indeed, it seems that the restoration has mainly focused on the interior, but the seller does not specify the work done on this car. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $62,000) here in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


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