Grown up Junior: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

If you want to buy a Giulia Sprint GT at the price of a GT Junior, here is the car for you.

In fact, we understand well that, in the eyes of a layman, or at least in the eyes of those who know these cars only superficially, it is very easy to confuse a Giulia Sprint with a GT Junior: from the outside indeed the only differences lie in the front grille and in the badge placed on the boot lid. Hubcaps are also different but these are an indicator that far fewer people spot. Last but not least, the production of the GT Junior started in late ’66.

This in particular is a car that has evidently been roasting under the Texan sun. We all know how the Alfa 50s and 60s are prone to rust and certainly this one too, but nothing to do with similar cars that come from the rust belt: in twenty years of those cars outdoors, nothing remains but a shapeless pile of rust. The interiors seem to be all there even if partially disassembled, of the engine there is only the photograph of the type and number which is still correct for a Giulia Sprint GT, it is almost certainly the original one. Find it for sale at $15,500 here in Dallas, TX.


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