Queen of the meadow: 1970 Iso Grifo S “Targa”

Every now and then we happen to publish classic cars with a price that is not really – let’s say – “popular”, but in order to tell an era the price takes a back seat: after all, admiring it costs nothing.

We are sure that many know the Iso Grifo, one of the most beautiful creations of the Italian automotive industry of the 60s (and not only of the 60s, we add): it is impossible not to admire the timeless lines designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, especially on a particular version like this produced (the seller says) in 14 specimens: the detachable roof is the feature that distinguishes it from the “normal” Grifo.

It seems that this car was sold new in Germany and then imported to the USA in 2005, not before being “refreshed” in Italy by Roberto Negri, a former ISO employee, still a reference for these cars and owner of a workshop specialized in the restoration of these magnificent cars produced on the outskirts of Milan. Once in the USA it was exhibited during the most important events: The Quail, Concorso Italiano, Pebble Beach and it was also Featured in Hagerty Magazine (June 2018 issue). In short, a car for the few, admired by many. Find it for sale at $895,000 (OBO) here in Winnetka, CA. Thanks to Bruce for this tip!


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