Big feet: 1967 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback

Sometimes a Mustang is needed. Your doctor would not say it, but in our opinion it is excellent advice, especially when it comes to “certain” Mustangs.

Those to which we refer have very specific characteristics: they were built from mid-1964 to the end of 1970, they have a Fastback body (called “Sportsroof” in the 1969 and 1970 editions), they have a manual gearbox and, possibly, an engine. Big Block: This GT 390 complies with all the above requirements plus it has four beautiful wheels (Cragar?) And a set of balloon tires.

Positive for this car is the fact that (says the seller) that the engine and transmission have been completely rebuilt (the gear lever is missing in the photo) and since the rebuilding the car has never been driven. The interior certainly needs some care but is in fair condition and generally speaking the car looks dry and solid. Considering how high the values ​​of these cars have gone, whoever wins the auction is likely to make a good deal. Find it for sale here in Sylvania, OH, with bidding at $40,000 and reserve met.


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