Rammed: 1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

This beautiful Giulia Super has certainly been carefully restored by its former owner who has brought it around to be admired: unfortunately, on one of these tours someone has seen fit to ram it.

Obviously what has been said is only what we assume has happened: an alternative is that, during a “happy” driving session, the driver has lost control and the car has over-steered against a pole or a tree. The fact is that the dented area was then repeated from the inside to give the car a still “solid” appearance.

However, the fact remains that the rest of the car looks in very good condition, indeed very good as we said, we believe that this is a completely restored car and not even for a long time (or many miles), just look at how clean the engine compartment is. The car is on sale at an auction with a “salvaged” title but we all know that this car is better than the title says, however the work to be done on the rear is a lot, not to mention that it will probably take a little straightening to the chassis. Find it for sale here in Los Angeles, CA, with bidding at $200 and reserve not met.


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