Six but bigger: 1971 Volkswagen-Porsche 914/6

Let’s face it: this is the 914 that everyone would have wanted (50 years ago), but of course there is a reason.

The reason was strategic: although this model is commonly identified as a Porsche, it is actually a Volkswagen with Porsche DNA and if it had mounted a more powerful engine than the 100 hp and six-cylinder one, it would have entered the “line of fire” of the 911, and this was not a plausible option for the Stuttgart factory. Years later, someone has been busy recreating what might have been.

This car started out as a 914-6 which, the seller says, was equipped with the Pack 471 which includes fiberglass bumpers, door sills, widened wheel arches and fenders. In addition to the more aggressive appearance we then have a (rebuilt) 2.4-liter engine from a 911S, which means almost 200 hp on a very low and very light car: imagine what it must be like to drive it. Find it for sale at €95,000 (today $111,000) here in Roma, Italy.


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