49 years ownership: 1969 Alfa Romeo GTA Junior

52 years is a long time for many things in a man’s life, let alone when it comes to owning a car: personally the most I managed to own a car was 4 years.

In this case, in fact, the owner of this GTA Junior says that this rare car has been in his possession since 1972: I was not yet born yet the current owner was already driving it; obviously the car is from 1969 so the current one is the second owner who has maintained the car – at least from what you can see in the photos – very well.

It also seems that the car has a racing history: it took part in the Trento-Bondone race with the first owner at the wheel. The car also has the official Autodelta documentation, just a pity that there are not many photos to analyze starting from those of the engine compartment and, among other things, the asking price is not even displayed, which we assume to be very high. Find it for sale here in Maniago, Italy.


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