Green spirit: 1965 Porsche 911

We know that a Porsche 911 to be restored has almost become a cliché for about ten years, but we have to make exceptions.

The first exception on this 911 concerns the fact that it is a so-called “0 series”, which is the first batch of this model sold starting from September 1964 until the summer of 1967 and the enthusiasts of this model are well acquainted with a rule: even with the same model, the older the better. Last but not least, this is an auto matching numbers.

Then there are the colors: this car was born painted in the Dolphin Gray color (frequent color on a 356 but quite rare on a 911), with a leather interior with inserts in “Pepita” fabric: this is really a match for us extraordinary and very rare: despite thousands of ads seen in nearly ten years, we have never seen a 911 with this color combination. The car needs a lot of restoration work, but we think it’s absolutely worth it. Find it for sale at $79,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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