Osso Di Seppia: 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1300

“Osso di Seppia” (cuttlefish bone) is the nickname given in Italy to the heir of the Giulietta Spider, shown to the public for the first time in 1966, then called “Duetto”.

In reality, the name “Duetto” was later removed due to the civil lawsuit filed against Alfa Romeo by an Italian food company that produced a snack with the same name. In short, this was a lucky model from a sales point of view but unfortunate as far as the name is concerned. Born with the displacement of 1600 cc then increased to 1750 cc, in 1968 it was produced in the engine from 1300 cc. to be more affordable by most.

The seller of this specimen (which is also equipped with a rare hardtop), says that the engine is the original one as well as the mileage which is said to be 55278: we cannot know if this is correct, however this looks to all intents and purposes a car that has never been restored (maybe repainted only once in the past, but you can’t be sure just by looking at the photos), and basically solid except for a patch on the floors on the driver’s side. The dashboard top is cracked (classic of a car lived in hot climates) but, all in all, it looks like a nice specimen. Find it for sale a $35,000 here in Vacaville, CA.


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