Red machine: 1968 OSI 20M TS Coupé

We don’t know if this particular red tone is the original color of this car, but it sure suits it.

It is actually difficult to know anything related to this small coupe series built in Turin based on the German Ford Taunus. in fact few have been built and the documentation on these models is very scarce, fortunately there is someone, like the editor of who has taken care of sharing the information in his possession with the few people still in possession of this very particular model.

Apart from the wheels (which still fit very well on the car) and, as already mentioned, despite the uncertainty about the correctness of the color (basically dictated by our ignorance about it), the rest of the car looks fine, including the interior. For sure, this is a car that will be liked wherever it is shown. Find it for sale here in De Lier, Netherlands.


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