Bowie ticket: 1968 Mustang Shelby GT 350

For the “Barn Finds” series here is a particular car: it is a Mustang like many others but unlike most others it is a Shelby GT 350.

It has been found in the condition in which you see it sleeping in a storage room / garage / barn (you decide which is the most appropriate name) since 1985 when it seems that it has been parked and never driven since: like every barn find self-respecting it seems that the car is extremely original.

So original that in the glovebox there is still a ticket from the concert that David Bowie held in Austin, TX, in 1984: the ticket apparently belonged to the previous owner who went to the concert while he was in college; a student driving a GT 350 could seem strange to hear, but in fact in the early 1980s a Mustang like this cost less than a new Ford Pinto. The seller has written a very detailed description: take all the time you need. Find it for sale at $120,000 here in Rockdale, TX.


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