So hot right now: 1968 Ford Bronco

We use the words spoken by Mugatu, the crazy designer, character from the film Zoolander, to describe a phenomenon that affects not only the world of classic cars, but the world of collecting in general.

Long story short: one day owning a certain object, be it a car, a painting, a watch, a porcelain sign, becomes “cool” and the more its price increases, the more collectors want that object. It is also the case of the Ford Bronco which, like it or not, has become a cult object in the last 4-5 years and the prices, consequently, reflect this notoriety.

And, consequently, whoever has kept a Bronco to be repaired in the barn for years just waiting for the right moment to give it to the first willing, now owns a coveted piece. The Bronco up for auction here is a car that although it is “passable” at first glance, still needs a complete restoration, however the starting point is good as it looks like a car with the original features still in place. Find it for sale here in Nashville, IN, with b.i.n. price of $17,999


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