The other side: 1962 NSU/Fiat 500 Coupé by Weinsberg

Over the past few decades, a car built on a versatile platform was subject to many variations, limited only by the imagination of the designers. Even the Fiat 500, in its “D” version, had its own interpretations and among these was that of the NSU through the vision of the Weinsberg workshops: two versions were created, the Coupe and the Limousette, the car published here , in less than exceptional condition, is the Coupé.

The conditions are those of a car parked and forgotten for at least thirty years, however the positive thing is that the car does not seem to have undergone any changes during these six decades; it looks quite complete and the paint seems to be the original one too. We are only sorry that the ad has only two photos which are barely needed to get an idea of the car which, however, is definitely worth saving. Find it for sale at €10,000 (today $11,650) here in Cucq, France.


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