Wide hips: 1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior by Zagato

As with all rules, exceptions are occasionally found, and this also applies to classic cars: in this case it was the turn of a GT Junior Zagato.

The exception, in this case, concerns the appearance of the car characterized by widened fenders and, consequently, by wheels and tires large enough to fill the new spaces created by the coachbuilder who made this modification. We do not know the reason for this change, if the reason was purely aesthetic or because this car in the past has frequented the racetracks.

The seller says that these modifications were made with the “approval” of the designer of this car, Ercole Spada, of whom he posted a photo of a few years ago with this same car. Now, we don’t know what “approval” means on a collector’s level, however we believe this modification was made many years ago and probably deserves not to be removed. Find it for sale at €44,000 (today $51,000) here in Biella, Italy.


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