Green feline: 1965 Subeam Tiger

In spite of the image it has, this can be considered to all intents and purposes a muscle car.

Indeed, if a Ford Mustang of the same period is considered a muscle car icon, let alone how the Tiger can be considered, it has the same eight-cylinder engine (but in this case 260 cubic inches), and weighed 300 kilos. less than the more famous pony car. A sunroof, 164 hp and lots of torque, these were the trump cards of this car.

This specimen, as is clear to all of you, has had better periods, however it has a body that looks solid and, above all, does not appear to have been modified: on the contrary it has an original appearance. The main negative aspects are certainly the lack of the entire intake group, including the manifold, and other ancillaries in the engine compartment. The gear lever is also missing but we do not know if it is the only lack or if the gearbox is absent. Find it for sale at $36,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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