Rare steak: 1967 BMW 1600 TI

If we look only at the production numbers, the 1600 TI is not the rarest model in the E10 series, however the reality is a bit different.

In fact, although it is not a car produced in small numbers (about 8,600 examples) compared to other E10 models such as the 2002 Baur cabriolet, today finding a 1600 TI is very difficult: we do not understand the reason for so much rarity. We can assume that over the years it had become a car with high consumption and performance in any case lower than that of its bigger sister 2002 (and therefore less interesting), and consequently most of the 1600 TI were recycled as scrap.

The fact is that in seveal years, this is the third 1600 TI that we see for sale: it does not have a “seductive” color (Tampico 005) however it is a typical color of the 70s and in any case very particular, Alpina rims and also an Alpina badge that however we find it a bit “forced”. The car appears to be in excellent overall condition, a pity only for the lack of photos provided. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $64,500) here in Saint Gaudens, France.


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