Groovy Green: 1969 Ford Mustang L600

Limited editions are not a prerogative of European cars alone, in some cases also the American car market was churning out cars in very limited editions.

This is the case of the “L600” edition Ford Mustang: we are not experts in mustangs but we can say we know these cars yet we had never heard of this limited edition before, made only for the Philadelphia area market. and characterized by two color variants: Flower Power Red and Groovy Green, consistent with the social revolution taking place in those years.

We will not dwell on the other peculiar characteristics of this model that you can learn from this interesting article, we will just say that this color, according to our tastes, dresses this car in a spectacular way; the seller says this car is a survivor and has many original documents in addition to the Marti Report. Find it for sale at $88,000 here in Del Mar, CA.


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