Groovy times: 1969 Renault Estafette R2137

The sight of this van reminded me that, when I was little, I definitely had a toy car of the same shape: at the time I didn’t understand which vehicle it was inspired by, but now I have understood it. Also because, honestly said, it is the absolute first time I see this Renault van: I clearly knew the classic “Estafette”, but I had never seen its (latest?) Version: the design is typical of the period starting from the end 1960s when the transition from organic forms to those with tense and angular lines began.

We like the shapes of this van and its color as well: unfortunately there are only a few photos and these are only of the exterior of the vehicle; we would like to see more detailed photos but, in addition to not having been published by the seller, there are also a few photos of this model on the net. Anyway, find it for sale at €8,500 (today $10,000) here in Agen, France.

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