Euro rod: 1974 BMW 1602

One of our readers wrote to us, a few months ago, complaining that we publish too few BMWs: we hope, with this one today, to have satisfied him for a while.

In this case it is, to use a term very popular also on European cars, a Hot Rod built on the basis of a “humble” E10 1602. Clearly, a hot rod with an engine of only 80hp is nonsense, so the owner replaced the original engine with a 2000cc with “racing” specification.

The engine in fact is said to produce 170 hp, a remarkable value for a four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, for street use, designed 50 years ago. The rear differential was made by Bacci (a well-known Italian workshop) with fast road specifications, from an aesthetic point of view, extensions were mounted to the fenders, 16 or 17 inch BBS wheels, sporty front seats and certainly other goodies not mentioned. in the ad. Let’s say that, at the asking price, you will not make a car like that from scratch. Find it for sale at €24,000 (today $28,000) here in Bassano del Grappa, Italy.


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