Sunburnt/2: 1968 Intermeccanica Italia Spider


The history of Intermeccanica is very varied: from its birth in Italy, to the passage to the American continent there would be a lot to say, but this is not the topic of the article.


Of course we can say that it produced beautiful cars and if it did not have the success it deserved it was perhaps only because 50 years ago the supercar segment was much smaller than today: there were far fewer people who could afford cars as expensive as a medium sized house.


The Italia model is certainly the most beautiful to look at: a spider which would have certainly been elected as one of the most beautiful cars ever if only it had a Ferrari badge on the hood: this car in particular looks like a classic restoration project abandoned immediately after the beginning: headlights and external trims have been dismantled (and unfortunately it seems that they are no longer there), but everything else seems to be there, including the beautiful Magnum wheels. The tools are there (excellent news) and you don’t need much imagination to see the result at the end of the restoration. Find it for sale at $67,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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