Lo-lights, hi-power: 1957 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupé


That the large family of classic Volkswagen and Porsche lent themselves well to hot-rodding is now a well-established thing, although not so much with regard to the KG.


First of all because the Karmann-Ghia built are, in numerical terms, superior to the more famous Porsche 356 (but nothing compared to the cousin Typ 1 Beetle); in reality it has had a good sales success especially in the USA, but in the first version called “low lights”, not many specimens survive.


This is one of the few surviving specimens whose owner has however chosen an alternative to originality: the car has been completely restored but with the aim of being faster than correct. Often these types of restorations start from rusty and incomplete cars, however the result is not bad: a nice color, nice interiors (even if we don’t like “Drag” style tools), roll cage and an engine taken from uba Typ 4 tuned to produce 200 hp, all combined with disc brakes and Fuchs rims. Many don’t like it? We do. Find it for sale at €39,900 (today $45,000) here in Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany.


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