Beverly Hills german: 1969 Porsche 911E Coupé


We can say, with the certainty of not making a mistake, that this car is green inside and out, and certainly we are not referring to its pollution class.


Outside, the car is painted in a beautiful “Irish Green” (at least that’s what we think), the interior instead is in black leather. But, being an “E” model, the car is equipped with an engine with mechanical injection and, characteristic of this engine, is the green fan shroud the T and S models had them respectively black and red, at least in the European version.


There aren’t many photos but from what we see the car looks like the correct bike, we don’t even know the frame and engine numbers so we can’t evaluate the originality of the car, however it’s worth going to see it. Find it for sale at $46,500 here in Beverly Hills, CA.




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