Chopped and sectioned: 1961 DB HBR 5 Super Rallye


There is always a small aura of mystery about the cars produced by Deutsch Bonnet, it is in fact due to both small production and the fact that in those years, French cars lived in the shadow of the most famous and widespread Italian cars. And yet, wherever the DBs competed, they have always achieved good results, perhaps thanks to their lightness and constructive simplicity whose emblem was the air-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine that was powerful enough but at the same time hard to die: in the version adopted by this model developed 50 hp which, combined with the weight of only 584 kg (1,290 lbs), made it rather fast.


This specimen is an HBR 5 “Super Rallye”: it was designed specifically for competitions and, compared to the standard HBR 5 it was characterized by a “low roof”, and very few of these specimens were built. The seller says that it is basically all restored with the exception of the interior: shame about the lack of photos. Mind you: the price you see of €17,000 is a technical error of the portal, in the ad preview there is the real price of €65,000 (today $ 73,000). Find it for sale here in Maisons-Laffitte, France.


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