Post war glory: 1946 Lancia Aprilia Cabriolet by Pininfarina


After the Second World War, Europe was in pieces and had started to lick its wounds, yet at the same time there were people who commissioned cars like these.


After all, it is not a novelty that rich people are certainly not suffering from the crises, however it is also true that if it were not for them we would never have seen cars like this beautiful Lancia Aprilia Cabriolet built by the Pininfarina coachworks which, in that period, began to grow.


This Cabriolet was sold new in France, and was found in the same country after there was no more news of this car since 1965. Once found, it was shipped to Italy where it benefited from a three-year restoration: l The car has a very nice overall appearance and splendid interiors: the only thing that makes us perplexed is the rear hood that does not align well with the rest of the bodywork. There may be incorrect details but we are not experts on these cars, so let’s leave the last word to those who really know about them. Find it for sale at $395,000 here in St. Louis, MO.


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