Da Fruit: 1965 Porsche 356 C “Outlaw”


We often find “Outlaw” style sales advertisements for 356, ie the application of the hot rodding concept to European cars, especially to Porsche cars.


However, these Porsche-based hotrods often have one of these two problems (and sometimes both): either they are too expensive, or they are poorly made. The difficult thing is, therefore, certainly not to find a beautiful specimen at a bargain price, but rather the right car at the right price: exactly what this 356 seems to us.


It seems that every component of the car has been improved, starting from the outside where the bodywork has been repainted in a beautiful light blue tone, the wheels are modern Fuchs while the interior seems practically new with classic Recaro type seats in a mixed houndtooth and skin. The engine is a 1700 c.c. which produces 125 hp (at the wheel) and is mated to an improved transmission. The car is not cheap but we do not believe that anything better can be achieved at this price. Find it for sale at $88,000 here in Martinez, CA.


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