Hidden peacock: 1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


Is it too much to publish two Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprints in a week? Nope, in our opinion it is not.


The main reason why two identical cars in a week is not too much, is related to the state of the two cars: both seem to be in very similar conditions, that is, parked for many years but kept indoors, so they are not rotten. On the contrary, the body appears to be in very good condition, although there is no illusion that there is no rust somewhere.


The other reason is that they both seem complete and not dismantled. In addition, entrembe have a parchment-colored interior but the latter has, in our opinion, two advantages over the first: first of all the original color which is not what you see but an intense blue called “Blu Pavone” (peacock blue); if you want to understand how it is, you just need a quick search on the net. It is a rather rare color on the 2600 Sprints and we are pretty sure that coupled with the parchment interior, once restored it will be great. The last reason is, of course, the price. Find it for sale at €21,500 (today $24,000) here in Alba, Italy.


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