Surgeon’s car: 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster


Becoming a surgeon is not at all simple, however, today as well as yesterday, it can bring many satisfactions, both professional and economic.


In this particular case, the financial satisfactions have turned, for the first owner of this car (a surgeon, of course), into a Mercedes 300 SL Roadster which, by the way, was not even the first one. Indeed, the seller says that the owner had traded-in his 1957 300SL for this 1961 which had some improvements among which the disc brakes on the four wheels stood out.


The seller says that the car has never been restored, it still has a fair paint that shows a very fascinating patina: Probably the worst area is the interiors which have obviously been affected by the passing of the decades: the leather of the seats is torn in many places and therefore it is difficult to recover, however the rest of the interior is healthy and should not be redone. In addition to the original tool kit, the car also has a lot of documentation dating back to 50 years ago. The only bad thing about this ad is that the asking price is not disclosed. Find it for sale here in Los Angeles, CA.


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