One owner survivor: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible


1968 was a year of great changes in society, but muscle cars nuts also associate it with the birth of the Corvette C3, whose lines have become iconic.


Indeed, with small modifications through time, this bodywork has been basically produced for twenty years, and that is a remarkable achievement for a sports car: very few competitors have done better than this, among them we all know the Porsche 911. This result is even more remarkable if we consider that in those years American car manufacturers churned out an often completely new model every year.


But the beauty of seeing a survivor like this C3, who has had only one owner for the past 52 years, is the perception of what the cars just left the factory were like, including the hubcaps that are now rarely seen on the C3. This car, painted in Cordovan Maroon, is said to have been parked in 1981 and no longer used since, the seller says that every component is working, the black interior is still the original one and it also has a beautiful vinyl covered hardtop. Find it for sale here in Brooklyn, NY, with bidding at $17,000 and no reserve price.


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