Red and white: 1967 OSI 20M TS Coupé


We have seen quite a bit of these special coupés based on the Ford Taunus chassis and engine, but none of them were in this condition.


If you want to learn more about the history of these rare coupés, we have published other articles on the subject, so you can learn more at will, it is only worth remembering that the manufacturer was a company from Turin called O.S.I. (Officina Stampaggi Industriali), founded by Luigi Segre, former partner of Ghia.


This OSI has been completely restored, unlike most of those seen so far, it is certainly a complete restoration done by completely removing the car in all its components and reconstructing everything, including the interiors that come in a beautiful color white that makes a very pleasant contrast with the red signal outside, certainly there is little to criticize on this rare coupe. Find it for sale at €48,000 (today $53,500) here in Cellatica, Italy.


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