Almost blue: 1948 Fiat 1500 Trasformabile by Monviso

Screen Shot 07-28-19 at 12.31 PM

The Monviso body shop was not new to the standard Fiat modification, to create special cars for those wealthy customers who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Screen Shot 07-28-19 at 12.01 PM

Clearly Monviso was one of the dozens of Italian bodyshops that dedicated themselves to this kind of work, but it was one of the largest and in fact it often happened that they saw their cars for sale, in particular the “Stella Alpina” version.

Screen Shot 07-28-19 at 12.03 PM

This car in particular seems almost completely original, it has an old license plate (even if it is not the first plate) and the seller says that this is one of the 12 cars of this type ever produced, cars that anyway differed for many details requested by the related clients. Externally it has a beautiful patina and the interior, although old, maintains a beautiful appearance, used but not too much. Find it for sale at €69,500 (today $77,500) here in Nunspeet, Netherlands.


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