Rough stone: 1955 Porsche 356 Coupé


Let’s face it: it is not that finding a 1956 356 for sale is an exceptional thing, however this specimen has its peculiarity.


And as you may have guessed, the peculiarity of this car lies in the color in which it was originally painted: it is the “Jadegruen” color or, not in German, “Jade Green”, certainly one of the most beautiful shades created for this model (together , according to us, to the shade “Auratium Green”).


Unfortunately this car, sold new in Switzerland and then gone to Sweden where it has spent most of its life, is no longer equipped with its original engine but with a 1600 cc “A” unit, on the other hand the positive aspect is that the funds have already been replaced and that the interior is complete (at least from what the seller says), which means a big problem already solved. ind it for sale at €119,900 (today $136,000) here in Babenhausen, Germany.


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