Save the date: 1963 Apollo 3500 GT Spider

Screen Shot 06-23-19 at 11.12 AM 002

One of the most successful experiments of the collaboration between Italy and the USA, is certainly the Apollo GT, and we believe that few people have doubts about it.

Screen Shot 06-23-19 at 11.12 AM

But even more than the Apollo GT, so is the Apollo GT Spider that we see here in a magnificent combination of colors: blue body with tan interiors: raise your hand who, seeing the first photo, didn’t think of a Ferrari from the 60s: if this car had a V12 under the hood and a crest with a prancing horse, probably today it would be worth more than a 250 GT California Spider. Oh we forgot: this is the first Apollo GT Spider produced.

Screen Shot 06-23-19 at 11.13 AM

Not only the exterior, but also the interior unmistakably reminiscent of an Italian GT of the 60s: the black dashboard with Jaeger instruments (of timeless elegance), the three-spoke steering wheel with mahogany crown and interior ornaments set up by Intermeccanica of Turin. There is little to add, this car is splendid and will be auctioned on October 4th or 5th, together with its sister Coupé, it is also the first of its kind.


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