A special one: 1939 Fiat 1500 6C Trasformabile by Viotti


Where there is a special car for sale, our task is to signal it also because it often happens that we will not see others for years.


This is the case of this beautiful Fiat 1500 6C Trasformabile (the name used at the time in Italy to identify the convertibles) that already a car rare in itself, this one is even more rare because it was customized by Viotti coachworks, one of the biggest names in the business.


Viotti has left unchanged the beautiful headlights designed by Revelli de Beaumont, on the other hand has modified the grille of the car making it less inclined compared to the original: what we did not understand is whether Viotti limited himself to changing the front and other details, or he also took care of making the car cabriolet: if someone had information about it, it would be nice to share it. Find it forsale at €77,000 (today $87,500) here in Molinella, Italy.


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