Offy heads: 1964 Kellison Panther J-6


We knew that these cars would increasingly interest classic car enthusiasts, as we already knew years ago when it was possible to find beautiful cars for $ 10,000. Well, know that those times are now gone.


However, although you can no longer find Kellison J5 or J6 marching for a fistful of dollars, the prices are still “human”, also because the restoration of these cars is much less demanding than a European car of the same years, or a Cadillac or Corvettes of the 60s.


This car in particular is listed as “Barn Find” but in reality there are not many “Barn” in northern California; this car has been locked in a garage for many years and in fact has a very “vintage” appearance: we really like the wheels and the fact that the engine has heads (or just valve covers) Offenhauser, and that the car is fitted of much documentation of the time. The only drawback we see is the lack of the driver’s side door, that was really forgotten in some barn. Find it for sale here in San José, CA, with bidding at $4,000 and reserve not met.


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