In the spotlight: 1969 Intermeccanica Omega


This Intermeccanica Omega is today in poor conditions, but once it was – literally – in the spotlight.


In fact it seems that this is the Omega protagonist of the Intermechanical area at the New York Motor Show of 1969, and acquired by its first – and only – owner: he had to love it very much for having kept it for half a century, a very rare thing.


Also because the coupé version is rarer than the spider one and this is not a novelty, since the American market is always inclined to open versions of cars, regardless of the brand. As we were saying, this car is not today in a condition to be used as it is: it needs a complete restoration, however, with the exception of a single wheel, it seems very original and very complete. Find it for sale at $49,500 here in Brookfield. CT.


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