Bluette 101: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce


The Giulietta Sprint 101, like the specimen object of our article, are much rarer than what you can think of.


This was probably because it was more easy to orientate towards a Giulia which, with its 1600 cc engine, ensured even higher performance, with greater reliability and, above all, with a more “gentle” power delivery over the entire range of engine revs. All this at a slightly higher cost.


This Sprint Veloce is said to have been parked in a garage in 1992 and has not been driven since; the seller says it is basically solid although it has some rust spots, especially in the battery area, however – although there are only three photos, and of poor quality – the appearance doesn’t look bad. Furthermore, the most important thing is that the engine seems to be the original one. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $50,500) here in Escaudes, France.


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