Children and hunting dogs: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce


In the past and even in the present, the Alfa virus has infected many, which is why they are found everywhere, including the far north of the world.


This 1600 Veloce, already rare in itself, is in fact in Sweden where it was imported – the seller says – in 1995, certainly for some change since twenty years ago these cars were appreciated but certainly not like today. The car was almost certainly imported from the USA.


The seller says he sells it because of lack of time due to his children and his hunting dogs: it is a fairly frequent situation that will however benefit the future owner of this Fast. The car appears to be in fair condition; seems to be a good driver with all things in place even though, of course, it needs to be examined more thoroughly. We certainly have no illusions that it has no rust but, compared to what we have seen on other similar cars, it seems to be in very good condition. Find it for sale at €65,000 (today $73,000) here in Stockholm, Sweden.


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