Hofmeister kink: 1963 BMW 3200 CS by Bertone


This is one of the rarest BMWs ever made: it is a 3200 CS produced in just over 600 examples of which few survive today.


The reason for the poor commercial success of this car was certainly not due to its aesthetic: keep in mind that this is a car designed by Bertone in 1963, with a line characterized by the absence of the B-pillar and equipped with a refined engine V8, the same installed on the BMW 507.


No, the problem was the cost of this car that put it in the firing line of cars like the Maserati 3500 GT: from the point of view of build quality, the BMW would have been a winner but we all know how certain things work. This car in particular is clearly to be restored: the body is there and does not seem very bad, the engine is there and the interior as well, it is apparently lacking all the external equipment such as front and rear headlights, bumpers and various chrome but it is very likely that they have only been temporarily removed. Find it for sale at $35,200 here in Las Vegas, NV.


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