Number one: 1975 De Tomaso Pantera GTS


I know what you are thinking: why change a Pantera GTS in this way? Well, this car is the first GTS built and has been modified by De Tomaso factory itself.


Obviously we are reporting what the seller writes: this is the first Pantera GTS built (chassis #7427) and as proof of this the seller has a lot of documentation from the factory; It was born with the “classic” shape of the Pantera and subsequently it was modified by De Tomaso.

In addition to paper documentation, the seller says that he also has photos of when the car was modified from the factory; it is certainly an interesting story, regardless of whether the result of the transformation is pleasant or not (you know, it’s a matter of taste). Find it for sale at €198,000 (today $225,000) here in Varese, Italy.


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